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DJIA Quiet consolidation

Posted on December 20, 2016 at 11:39 AM
Quiet Consolidation. After the market makes a large move to the upside, it often becomes “overbought,” which mostly means some stocks have moved up too much and too fast, and now need to go through some kind of a consolidation period before the uptrend can resume. This appears to be where the market is positioned now after the 10% gain by the DJIA and S&P over the past six weeks. We believe the market can relieve this condition by moving sideways for a few weeks, or by pulling back and correcting a portion of the previous advance, or something in between, where some stocks pull back, but others do not. For the Dow and S&P, we see the potential for a pullback of about 5%, but more for some stocks, like Financials, and less for others, like Technology. We could see the consolidation period continue on into next year, but suspect some typical January volatility could also set the market up for another good rally in the first quarter of 2017. RBC Dec 21 2016.

Categories: Chemical Update 2016, Management